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Wilfre Co.

for their donation of plumbing labor and materials to run our main lines connecting our irrigation system to the city water source

For providing us with coffee grounds for the garden

For a $1000 grant for irrigation in Spring of 2015.  And $5,000 grant for expansion in Fall of 2015.

for donating 10 temporary sign

For donating some veggies plants

For partnering with us in making the Camden Community Garden vision a reality!

Gifted us with half price garden soil

Gave us 10% off Lumber and reduced delivery charge

We received a $1,000 grant from them.

We received a $2,000 grant from them.

Gave us a 25% discount on our sign

Local Private Charitable Fund

Partnered with us to the tune of $5,000

Gave us 6 pounds of deck screws

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Special Thanks to our Supporters 

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