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Camden Community Garden In Salisbury Maryland

One year ago, a vacant city lot was transformed into a flourishing community garden that provides free food for the local community.

By Brandon Brittingham
Posted on May 28, 2016


Cultivating Crops to Grow a Community

Elena Russo interviews Pastor Martin Hutchison of Community of Joy Church

Published on April 8, 2016


Growing More Than Veggies
Community gardens have the power to make significant change. Growing More Than Veggies

Published on March 1, 2016


One on One with Greg Bassett, Martin Hutchison interview


Greg Basset is Editor and General Manager of The Salisbury Independent

Published on Feb 25, 2016


Looking ahead to an exciting year for Salisbury

At 2016’s end, expecting to reflect back on a fruitful 12 months for our fair city.

by JACOB R. DAY January 5, 2016



Salisbury, Maryland: Community Garden

E-news of the Global Food Crisis Fund - Newsletter

Published Fall, 2015


A Big, New Garden on Camden Avenue

Fifth-grader Ellie Long hopes other neighborhoods will have gardens in their communities.

by Ellie Long, September 25, 2015



Hands-On-Science Project at the Camden Community Garden 




Solving the world’s problems in a garden 

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Martin Hutchison: We use the hashtag #growingmorethanveggies as we plant seeds in the lives of children

by Martin Hutchison, August 31, 2015 (published in The Daily Times Sept 1, 2015)



Explore the Camden Community Garden with Ginny Rozenkranz & Martin Hutchison


Creig Twilley of PAC 14 and Ginny Rosenkranz of UMD Extension

Thu Sep 03 09:00:05 AM EDT 2015


Bringing a neighborhood together by gardening


Julian Sadur, Reporter,

POSTED: 12:05 AM EDT Jun 23, 2015 UPDATED: 12:10 AM EDT Jun 23, 2015 


Delmarva Live features the Camden Community Garden
Aired Tuesday, April 28th!



Garden project is rebuilding a community 

Corner Church Collective aims to raise vegetables, foster healthy eating habits and feed the hungry

by Susan Parker, April 24, 2015 (published in The Daily Times)



Camden Community Garden Will Produce a Bounty

by Susan Canfora April 22, 2015



Salisbury's Camden Avenue community "grows" together

POSTED: 04:59 PM EDT Apr 18, 2015 
UPDATED: 12:59 AM EDT Apr 19, 2015



New Community Center on the Horizon

City Buys House for Community Cente

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